Our work

Providing the inventory database, IDEA

For companies and organizations to decarbonize, it is first necessary to accurately understand how much greenhouse gas emission is generated and in what situations in each business. LCA Promotion Consortium will provide IDEA.
IDEA Ver.3.0 is a database that can quantify the environmental loads (e.g., CO2, NOx, SOx, PM2.5, chemical substances such as As, Cd, Cr, and Pb, and resource consumption such as iron and copper, etc.) of all products and services in Japan, including about 4,700 agricultural products, industrial products, energy, and waste disposal. It is a database that can quantify the environmental impact per unit of production. In addition to providing numerical values of the environmental impact per unit of production, the database also includes input and output data for the manufacturing process of each product. Since the inventory data changes over time, we plan to release updated data yearly.

Planned activities of LCA Promotion Consortium

〇IDEA Ver.3.3 regionalized type (scheduled for October 2023) 

Activities of LCA Promotion Consortium

●Release of IDEA Ver.3.3 English(May 2023)

●Release of IDEA Ver.3.3 (April 2023)

●Release of IDEA Ver.3.2 regionalized type (November 2022)

●Release of IDEA Ver.3.2 English (May 2022)

●Release of IDEA Ver.3.2 (April 2022)

●Release of IDEA Ver.3.1 (July 2021)

●Release of IDEA Ver.3.0 (March 2021)

What is IDEA?

▶Features of IDEA

  • It adopts the hierarchical structure ensures comprehensiveness. (At least some data is available.)
  • It is the database, which is the Japanese representative.
  • It adopts unit process data as much as possible to maintain a high level of transparency.
  • Data quality is assessed to ensure reliability.

▶How to create the database

  1. Creation of accumulated inventory data using statistics
    Energy statistics
    Industrial statistics, other dynamic statistics
    Input-Output table
  2. Creation of accumulated inventory data using process data
    Survey of actual processes
    Use of process simulators
  3. Development of data based on the existing inventory database
    Collection of data from the literature.

▶Number of IDEA’s datasets

The world’s largest number of datasets (approximately 4,700 datasets)

▶Sample data