We would appreciates it if you could understand the publication is in Japanese only at present.

●The following books are useful for understanding LCA.

・「改訂版 演習で学ぶLCA ~ライフサイクル思考から、LCAの実務まで~」
(稲葉敦編著、2018年4月(株)ㇱーエーティ発行 税別2,200円)
(Written by Inaba, A., May 2018, 2,200yen tax excluded, only in Japanese)
Suppliers: Japan LCA Facilitation Centre
Outline: This report summarizes the concept of life cycle thinking and the basics of how to implement LCA. It is characterized by the fact that each chapter contains exercise questions and answers so that you can check how far you have understood.

●The following books are currently out of print, but I would like to introduce them as reference books for LCA.

(Supervised by Inaba, A., Nov 2007, only in Japanese)
Outline: An introductory manual for those learning LCA for the first time, following “LCA Practice” and “Methodology for Life Cycle Impact Assessment “

・「LCAの実務(LCAシリーズ) 」
(Supervised by Inaba, A., Apr 2005, only in Japanese)
Outline: At present, the application and research of LCA are expanding in many fields. In this situation, this book summarizes the LCA implementation examples currently at the cutting edge.