Summary of the IDEA

IDEA Delivery

As of 2021, the current version of IDEA is v3.1. We are working on R & D for the release of v3.2.

IDEAv2 is currently provided as a database of unit processes linked to each other in the Excel version, which is based on upstream retrospectives and LCA software such as SimaPro, MiLCA and OpenLCA.

Both formats are available with the purchase of an IDEA license. However, you must have LCA software for each software format separately. In addition to the standard license, licenses are available for various users and purposes.

For more information about IDEAv2 (Inventory Database), please see the following link:

Offer of the IDEA

Offer of the IDEA

Please check the following LCA software site (external site) for details such as license type and price. The LCA software site also offers quotes and offers for purchasing IDEA licenses.