Summary of the IDEA

IDEA offerings

For companies and organizations to promote decarbonization, it is first necessary to identify how much greenhouse gases are generated and where the emission hotspots are in their value chain. To help company to calculate GHG emissions,  IDEA Lab is engaged in research and development of the inventory database IDEA, which serves as the basis for understanding greenhouse gas emissions.  Since inventory data changes over time, IDEA database is updated annually to include new and updated data,


Provision of IDEA from LCA Promotion Consortium

The use of IDEA provided by LCA Promotion Consortium is limited to following purposes.

Calculating GHG emissions within a company.

Disclosure of emission data to stakeholders and investors in environmental report.

For LCA study and training within LCAPC members.

*It is prohibited to incorporate IDEA into other GHG emission calculation software or systems which will be provided to third parties.If you wish to use IDEA or other purposes such as consulting,please contact the following licensee (Sustainable Management Promotion Organization, TCO2 Corporation) that provide IDEA Ver.3.1(Japanese Version)



●IDEA Ver.3.2 (FY2022 version)

IDEA Ver.3.2(Japanese Version)is currently provided only by LCA Promotion Consortium. It is not provided by licensees (Sustainable Management Promotion Organization or TCO2 Corporation). IDEA Ver. 3.2 is available to LCAPC members , and a membership fee and a license fee are required to use IDEA Ver. 3.2. In addition, membership fees and license fees are required every fiscal year. For details on how to join, membership fees, license fees, etc., please visit LCA Promotion Consortium website.


Provision of IDEA from Licensee

IDEA Ver.2(Japanese Version) is currently available in an “Excel version” that is retrospectively applied to the basic unit, and as a unit-process type database linked to each other on LCA software such as “SimaPro” and “MiLCA”. If you purchase an IDEA license from Sustainable Management Promotion Organization or TCO2 below, you can use data in both formats, but you must have separate LCA software to use the data. There are licenses for various users and purposes, so please refer to the following website for details.

・SimaPro LCA Software | TCO2

・LCAソフトウェア│MiLCA (

Provision of IDEA Ver.2

Offer of the IDEA

Provision of overseas versions of IDEA

As for the overseas version of IDEA, an overseas version based on IDEA Ver. 2.3 is sold by TCO2 Corporation. Please refer to the following URL.

・TCO2 Inc.

In addition,IDEA Ver. 3.2 Regionalized type based on IDEA Ver.3.2 Japanese type was released on November 15, 2022. This is provided by LCA Promotion Consortium. Please refer to the following URL.

・IDEA Ver. 3.2 regionalized type released (November 15, 2022)

Countries eligible for the IDEA Ver. 3.2 Regionalized type are described in “Development of IDEA regionalized type” on this website.

・Development of IDEA regionalized type