Summary of the IDEA Lab

What is the IDEA Lab?

The IDEA Laboratory was established in Research Institute of Science for Safety and Sustainability in April 2017. The IDEA Laboratory is a name, and research is conducted across the organization mainly by research project members. An overview of the IDEA Lab is the development of the IDEA (Inventory Database for Environmental Analysis) and the implementation and methodology of technical evaluation and collaboration in Japan and overseas. As of 2020, 13 researchers and 17 contract and temporary staff are engaged in research and development, including those outside Reserch Institute of Science for Safety and Sustainability.

LCA is a method of quantitatively evaluating the degree of impact on the environment by surveying and compiling inventory data on substances and energy used throughout a product’s life, from raw material collection to final disposal. An inventory database supports the inventory analysis of target products and services during LCA. The inventory database developed by IDEA Lab consists of approximately 4,700 product and service processes that cover the economic activities of almost all businesses in Japan. 

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A brochure that briefly introduces the IDEA lab is available here.

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