AIST-MeRAM Developers

Bin-Le Lin
(Personal WEB)
(Personal WEB)
AIST-MeRAM Development Project Leader. In addition to publishing our research findings in journals, we felt it important to disseminate them to society at large. That is why we have developed a user friednly risk assessment tool, AIST-MeRAM, that contains models we developed.
Wataru Naito
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AIST-MeRAM Development Project Member
Masashi Kamo
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AIST-MeRAM Development Project Member
Yaobin Meng
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Developer of assessment models and a macro
(Matlab program) contained in AIST-MeRAM
Reiko Ogigami Jun. 2013 – Jul. 2015: Technical staff engaged in development of AIST-MeRAM English version
Eriko Hirata Nov. 2011 – Jul. 2013: As a technical staff, she greatly contributed to the development of AIST-MeRAM, converting its Excel version to the standalone application, as well as implementing CSCL-compliant functions.
Chie Yamada 2008 – 2011: Technical staff.  Engaged in examination, analysis, and classification of hazard data to be included in AIST-MeRAM.
Kazuaki Yamaguchi 2010 (10 months): Contract staff.  Engaged in development of the Excel version of AIST-MeRAM
Kazuki Kurosawa Chief engineer of AIST-MeRAM
Masataka Mayuzumi Engineer in charge of GUI design
for assessment settings
Hiromi Kojima Engineer in charge of data processing
Message from system developers From the early stage of this project, we repeatedly evaluated a GUI framework with the aim to develop a truly user-friendly tool. We hope that AIST-MeRAM serves to raise awareness for ecological risk assessment. We will continue to improve the performance of AIST-MeRAM.