Member registration

Member registration

How to Apply for Membership

How to become a LCA Promotion Consortium member.

You can apply by e-mail.

You will receive a message at your registered e-mail address.

However, the Consortium does not provide services or answer questions in English. We work with organizations that have Japanese speakers. Please understand this in advance

●If you apply by e-mail

Please download the application form below, fill in the required information, and send it to the Secretariat as an e-mail attachment.

<Send to: Secretariat>

membership fee

General member250,000 yen/year (tax included)
Association member100,000 yen/year (tax included)
Small and medium enterprise member100,000 yen/year (tax included)
Academy member (Universities, public research institutions, etc.)50,000 yen/year (tax included)
Special member A *free
Special member B * *free

*Special Member A: Japanese governmental organizations such as ministries and agencies, and local governments (except for those approved for membership as general members).

**Special Member B: Graduate students, university students, educators at junior high and high schools, environmental NPOs and other environmental activity groups who conduct LCA in their thesis writing or environmental activities (however, they are obliged to report the results of the conducted LCA to this consortium).

For the provision of IDEA Ver.3.2, an additional fee of 50,000 yen per year (excluding tax) will be charged in addition to the above amount.

Applications for IDEA (including Japanese, English, and regionalized type) licenses for this fiscal year will close in February, as the Consortium Secretariat will be very busy during March preparing for the release of the latest version of IDEA. Only membership applications will be accepted during March.