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    In the fifth period for Medium- to Long-term Objectives of the Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) (FY2020-24), the development of countermeasures to address limitations of energy and environment is one of the AIST’s organization-wide R&D initiatives for solving social challenges. 

     As a member of the Department of Energy and Environment at AIST, which conducts R&D for innovations towards a zero-emission society, the mission of the Research Institute of Science for Safety and Sustainability (RISS) is to contribute to realization of a safe and sustainable society mainly by development of assessment technologies which aim for harmonizing economic development, environmental protection, and industrial safety. 

     We support decision making by quantifying multi-layered risk tradeoff problems that arise when new technologies are introduced into society via the use of the assessment technologies of three fields that we have cultivated to date: Chemical Substance Risk Assessment, Physical Risk Assessment, and Life Cycle Assessment. The objects of risk assessment include not only currently existing chemical substances, but also new substances such as nanomaterials and new technologies thought to be important in future industries.