• Research Outcomes
  • Research Outcomes


    Developing Voluntary Safety Management Techniques for Carbon Nanomaterials (Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene) We developed voluntary safety management techniques for carbon nanomaterials under the NEDO project. As a result, we have published technical documents: procedures for safety tests and guide to evaluating emission and exposure.
    Development of Innovative Methodology for Safety Assessment of Industrial Nanomaterials (FY2011-2015) For realizing rational and efficient hazard assessment of manufactured nanomaterials, we conducted research and development of methods for evaluating equivalence of nanomaterials, intratracheal administration methods, and related fundamental supporting methods.
    Research and Development of Nanoparticle Characterization Methods: Evaluating Risks Associated with Manufactured Nanomaterials (FY2006-2010) For developing the methodology for risk assessment of manufactured nanomaterials, the methods of sample preparation, characterization, toxicity tests, and exposure assessment were developed. In addition, the world's first risk assessment documents of nanomaterials were published.

    Risk Assessment for Chemical Substances

    Risk Tradeoff Assessment Documents As a result of the NEDO "Development of Methodorogies for Risk Trade-off Analysis toward Optimum Chemical Substance Management" project (2007-2011FY), four exective summaries of the risk tradeoff assessment documents (Plastic Additives, Metals, Industrial Cleaners, Solvents) are provided.
    Risk Assessment Document Series on Chemical Substances We have performed and published a detailed and comprehensive risk assessment document on those chemical substances with actual and/or predicted risks to humans and ecosystems.
    AIST-MeRAM (AIST-Multi-purpose Ecological Risk Assessment and Management Tool) AIST-MeRAM is an all-in-one free IT Tool for Ecological Risk Assessment (ERA) of chemical substances. AIST-MeRAM affords point/probabilistic risk estimations and the ERA under the scheme of Chemical Substances Control Law of Japan. Anyone can perform the ERA by an intuitive mouse click on the Web/PC screen.
    AI-SHIPS ToxDB In the METI "AI-SHIPS (AI-based Substance Hazard Integrated Prediction System)" project (2017-2021FY), a rat repeated-dose toxicity study database was constructed. All copyrights to this database belong to the Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST), a national university corporation, which has granted permission to AIST to use the database.

    LCA and Energy Evaluation

    IDEA (Inventory Database for Environmental Analysis) IDEA is a comprehensive inventory database covering all products in Japan. Our database can be used for a wide range of purposes such as quantifying the environmental impact of products and calculating Scope 3.
    Risk Assessment of Hydrogen Fueling Stations and Their Surroundings The subject on “Risk Evaluation Method Development and Social Acceptance for Stations Related to Energy Carriers and Their Surroundings” was carried out. A final report on the risk assessment of hydrogen fueling station, technical guidance and data have been released.