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    Explosion Safety Research Group

    Kunihiko Wakabayashi
    Group Leader:Kunihiko Wakabayashi

    6 Researchers:
    Tomoharu Matsumura,Miyako Akiyoshi,Ken Okada, Yuta Sugiyama, Takahiro Tamba

    7 Contract Employees


    We are conducting a wide variety of studies concerning explosion safety - ranging from basic to applied - by advancing the understanding of ignition and explosion phenomena of high energy substances that are representative of explosives. These studies include safety assessment methods and safety technologies, techniques for reducing explosion effects, and technologies for effective utilization of energetic materials.
    In addition, we are actively responding to government needs for explosives by executing large-scale explosion tests in the field. The results obtained are reflected in both creating standards for safe handling techniques of explosives and establishing the formulation of standards for handling internationally hazardous substances through improvement of UN Manual of Tests and Criteria, thereby contributing to the realization of a safe and secure society.

    Research Highlights

    Development of Methods and Techniques for Evaluating and Mitigating Explosion Effects

    Explosion Tests in the Field


    • Assessing the effects occurring at the time of explosion (blast wave, fragment characteristics, ground vibration, radiant heat, explosion sound)
      • Developing technologies to reduce the explosion effects
      • Reduction of required safety distance for more effective space utilization, etc.
      • Obtaining scientific evidence and basic data for amendment of Explosives Control Act

    → Contributing to the formulation of standards for techniques for handling explosives

    Detonation of ANFO explosive

    Ref: Report on technical standard for explosion mitigation of explosives (2016)


    Numerical Calculation Techniques

    Developing techniques for predicting effects of explosions based on numerical calculations that are highly precise and computationally fast


    Modeling of magazines
    for explosives

    Simulation results of gases produced by explosion


    International contributions for explosion safety

    Classification of Explosives and Energetic Materials for Safety


    Contributing to formulation of handling standards for internationally designated hazardous substances through activities such as improving the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria for regulation of chemical substances


    Evaluation Techniques for Explosion Safety for Energetic Materials

    Explosibility Evaluation Based on Exothermic Decomposition Energy

    Development of method to measure exothermic decomposition energy for evaluation of explosibility of chemical substances (JIS K4834)

    For over 50 samples of explosives (energy substances), we conducted consistent measurements of the exothermic decomposition energy based on JIS K4834.

    → We clarified the relationship between exothermic onset temperature and exothermic decomposition energy.


    Development of Standard Technique for Stability Test of Explosives

    We have determined that NO gas is emitted by explosives. We are developing a method for performance trials of iodide potassium starch paper for stability test of explosives using NO as a calibration gas.

    → Contribution to revision of JIS K 4822(2017), and revision of notice of MITI 1995

    Stability test of explosives


    Development of technologies for more effective use of explosives

    High-Efficiency Production Technique for Detonation Nanodiamond

    Development of original explosion device

    → Patent of production method at a low-cost and high-efficiency


    Development of Functional Materials by Shock Compression

    Light-emitting materials, carbon based materials, etc.


    Synthesis of energetic materials having  nanostructures

    Synthesis of nano-nitrocellulose

    → Improvement of combustibility and application to new devices