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    Sustainability and System Analysis Research Group

    Masaharu Motoshita
    Group Leader:Masaharu Motoshita

    8 Researchers:
    Manabu Utagawa, Hiroki Hatayama, Ryosuke Yokoi, Kamrul Islam
    Shinichirou Morimoto (concurrent), Tomonori Honda (concurrent), Akito Ozawa (concurrent)

    7 Contract Employees


    The aim of our group is to contribute to the achievement of sustainable society through the provision of the two key technologies: sustainability assessment models and indicators, and system analysis for sustainability .
    We promote the development of environmental impact assessment models, environmental carrying capacity indicators, risk assessment methods in Environment, Social and Governance (ESG), and assessment methods of individual energy technologies as the basis of sustainability assessment. We also work on the advancement in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Material Flow Analysis (MFA), and system analysis as the fundamental methods to design sustainable societal systems. We support the practical implementation of the promising technologies and the systems through application studies using the methods developed.

    Research Highlights

    Sustainability assessment models and indicators

    Assessment of environmental impact and carrying capacities

    We develop environmental impact assessment models and environmental carrying capacity indicators as a basis of sustainability assessment by collaborating with international experts towards global consensus and world standardization.


    Potential impacts of water consumption in watersheds

    Global consensus building in the Life Cycle Initiative project

    ESG risk assessment methods

    We develop methods to assess risks that may impede sustainable resource use from ESG perspectives.

    Causes of mineral supply disruptions


    Energy technology assessment

    We assess a variety of energy technologies from environmental and energy efficiency aspects based on Life Cycle Assessment and cost benefit analysis.


    Comparison of energy technologies

    Cost benefit analysis of energy saving technologies

    System Analysis for Sustainability

    Energy system analysis

    We seek the ideal energy systems to achieve social targets (incl. Paris Agreement, SDGs etc.)  by applying energy economic models considering various conditions and constraints related to energy technologies.


    System analysis on resource management and strategy

    We aim to construct systems and strategies toward a stable resource supply to domestic industry,  through the assessment of supply risk and recycling potential of materials.

    Resource strategy based on the criticality assessment and MFA


    Risk assessment of resource supply chains

    We develop and implement methods and databases for the analysis of risks associated with resource supply chains of freshwater and mineral resources.

    • Natural disaster risks
    • Future changes (supply and demand)
    • Diversity of supply sources
    • Exceedance of environmental carrying capacity