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    Emission and Exposure Analysis Group

    Isamu Ogura
    Group Leader:Isamu Ogura

    5 Researchers:
     Naohide Shinohara, Tomoko Oguri, Yasuyuki Zushi, Hideo Kajihara

    7 Contract Employees


    In order to evaluate the risk and effectiveness of countermeasures for chemical substances, nanomaterials, coronaviruses, etc., we analyze their emissions and exposures based on measurements. Major efforts include: Emission and exposure assessment of semi-volatile organic compounds, mold, mites, endotoxins, radioactive cesium, etc. in indoor air; Exposure assessment of coronavirus based on investigation of ventilation and particle behavior in indoor air and public transportation; Exposure assessment of chemical substances by analysis of house dust, food, consumer products, etc. together with biological samples (urine, blood, etc.); Exposure and risk assessment of complex mixtures by using comprehensive analysis; and Emission and exposure assessment of nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes and cellulose nanofibers.

    Research Highlights

    Exposure Assessment in the Indoor Environment

    Exposure Assessment in the Indoor Environment
    • Measurement of emission and adsorption rates of semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) in the laboratory and actual environment to elucidate indoor behaviors of chemical substances and to improve exposure risk assessment and measurement of dermal exposure
    • Investigation of indoor mold, mites, endotoxins, and radioactive cesium

    Measurements in Indoor Environment

    Control against Coronavirus Infection (collaboration with Risk Assessment Strategy Group)
    • Investigation of ventilation and particle behavior in the indoor environments of buildings and public transport
    • Evaluation of indoor environment of public transportation vehicles for the Expo 2025 and methods for purifying the indoor air of the vehicles
    • Visualization and quantification of artificial droplets and droplet nuclei in indoor environments using a breath and cough simulator


    Ventilation measurement in a train vehicle

    Diffusion-advection test in a bus

    using artificial droplet nuclei

    Assessing human exposure of individuals

    Development of Pharmacokinetic and Exposure Reconstruction Models for Chemical Substances
    • Building pharmacokinetic and exposure reconstruction models that link the concentration in biological samples from human biomonitoring and the estimated exposure amount via environmental media
    • Analyzing the concentrations of phthalates and other chemicals in house dust, food, consumer products, etc. for exposure assessment
    • Contributing to advanced exposure assessment and chemical management



    Exposure and Risk Assessment for Complex Mixture

    Comprehensive Analysis of Mixtures by State-of-the-Art Technology
    • Development of analytical methods using state-of-the-art instruments (e.g. GC × GC) to comprehensively clarify chemical composition of mixtures occurring in the environment and in commercial/industrial products


    Instrument for comprehensive analysis (GC × GC)

    Substances from a mixture detected by
    GC × GC


    Web Platform for Assessment of Mixture
    • Development of a web platform that allows users to access mixture data taken by state-of-the-art analytical instruments and directly assess the mixture
    • Development of the system to easily and thoroughly assess all of the components in a mixture detected by comprehensive analysis


    Mixture Touch: Web platform for assessment of complex mixturs analyzed by GC × GC


    Emission and Exposure Assessment of Nanomaterials

    Development of Measurement Methods for Nanomaterials
    • Development of measurement methods for carbon nanomaterials and cellulose nanofibers


    On-site Surveys and Emission Tests
    • On-site surveys of workplaces handling nanomaterials
    • Tests to evaluate the possibility and degree of nanomaterial emission

    On-site surveys

    Test of dustiness during transfer of powder

    Grinding test for composite material


    Publication of Documents
    • Publication of documents to support voluntary safety management of nanomaterials (collaborate with Risk Assessment Strategy Group)