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    Emission and Exposure Analysis Group

    Kiyotaka Tsunemi
    Group Leader:Kiyotaka Tsunemi

    6 Researchers:
     Bin-Le Lin, Isamu Ogura, Kyoko Ono,Yasuyuki Zushi, Mianqiang Xue

    7 Contract Employees


    We are advancing evaluation of risk on human health and ecology from new substances as well as substitute substances and mixtures. Towards this, we are conducting emission and exposure analyses that consider the entire life cycle of these substances. Specifically, we are developing methods for estimating their physicochemical properties, levels of emission into the environment, exposure and risk toward human and ecosystem, etc. In addition, we are working on assessing the risk of accidents from natural disasters and new technologies, and we are developing risk evaluation methods for hydrogen energy carriers and risk tradeoff analysis of implementation of nitrogen cycling technology, marine biodegradable plastics or radiation countermeasures. Finally, our group conducts a wide range of risk assessment studies such as social acceptability surveys, comprehensive risk evaluation and dissemination of evaluation methods throughout Asia.

    Research Highlights

    Exposure and Risk Assessment for Complex Mixture

    Comprehensive Analysis of Mixtures by State-of-the-Art Technology

    We are developing analytical methods using state-of-the-art instruments (e.g. GC × GC) to comprehensively clarify chemical composition of mixtures occurring in the environment and in commercial/industrial products.


    Instrument for comprehensive analysis

     (GC × GC)

    Substances from a mixture detected by
    GC × GC


    Web Platform for Assessment of Mixture

    We are developing a web platform for assessment of complex mixtures. The platform allows users to access mixture data taken by state-of-the-art analytical instruments and directly assess the mixture. The aim of the research is to enable the users to easily and thoroughly assess all of the components in a mixture via the platform.

    Mixture Touch: Web platform for assessment of complex mixturs analyzed by GC × GC


    Risk Assessment at Disaster and Accident

    Assessment of Hazardous Chemicals Released at Disasters and Accidents

    We develop a comprehensive management scheme for accidental chemical release. We will seek suitable dispersion models for atmospheric or water environment that are applicable to accidental release. We simulate chemical concentrations and show critical distances of concern. This scheme enables a prompt decision-making to  prepare countermeasures in case of accident.


    Contour map of heavy gas model at an accidental release (Ammonia)

    An example of reference table, showing distance to endpoints (Toluene)


    Quantitative Risk Assessment of Industrial Processes

    We conduct quantitative risk assessments (QRA) for industrial processes, including hydrogen stations to evaluate whether the risk is lower than acceptable risk level.

    Risk Acceptance Criteria and Risk of a Hydrogen Station


    Developing an Intelligent Tool for Risk Assessment

    Dissemination and Innovation of an all-in-one tool (AIST-MeRAM)

    We are developing and disseminating an all-in-one risk assessment tool called AIST-MeRAM by advancing its functions/database and developing a web-version which scheduled to be released this fiscal year.  Meanwhile we are advancing its intelligent analysis features by using network analysis methods to develop a hybrid ecotoxicity prediction tool and connecting to other widely used tools such as KATE system and ChemTHEATRE.


    IT Solution for Ecological Risk Assessment (ERA)

    Advancing AIST-MeRAM as an Intelligent System


    Risk/risk tradeoff and integration assessment

    Nitrogen cycling technology assessment

    We develop risk/risk tradeoff and integration assessment methods and apply them to new energy and environment technologies.

    Integration assessment framework


    Emission and Exposure Assessment of Nanomaterials

    Development of Methods for Emission and Exposure Assessment


    We are developing methods for measuring airborne nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes and cellulose nanofibers. By creating a guide, we support self-management for safety by businesses.

    Guide to evaluate emission and exposure


    Field Surveys and Emission Tests

    We conduct field surveys of plants where nanomaterials and their products are handled, and we perform emission tests to evaluate the possibility and degree of nanomaterial emission.


    Field surveys

    Test of dustiness during transfer of powder

    Grinding test for composite material